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  • +Am I required to purchase a meal plan?

    Edgewood Commons residents may sign up for meal plans, but because Edgewood Commons is the only residence hall which provided a full kitchen to residents, meal plans are not mandatory for Edgewood Commons Residents.

    Edgewood Commons residents usually use one of three approaches for their meals:

    • Purchase their own groceries (the shuttle stops at nearby grocery stores, so a car is not needed) and prepare food in their apartments’ kitchen. This is the most affordable option and keeps the overall cost of living on campus as low as possible.
    • Purchase a “traveler’s” meal plan as well as some of their own groceries. Travelers’ plans are meal plans that are not open to residents of the other residence halls on campus, but are available to Edgewood Commons residents. They offer between 45 and 100 meals per semester, which is generally used for eating lunches in the dining hall between classes several days per week. This option provides a great combination of convenience and value.
    • Purchase a full meal plan. This option provides the same meal options as in the traditional residence halls and is great for students who have both daytime and evening classes and want the convenience of eating in the dining halls for most of their meals.

    Meals plans are mandatory for residents of every residence hall on campus except for Edgewood Commons. Meal Plans are coordinated through the FSU billing office. They can be reached at (301) 687-4321 if you have any questions about available plans.

  • +What is my mailing address?

    Your Name
    Edgewood Commons
    One University Drive, Apartment # _____
    Frostburg, MD 21532

  • +Can I receive packages at Edgewood Commons?

    Yes, you can receive packages at Edgewood Commons. Our staff will sign for deliveries of packages and e-mail you a notification that the package is ready to be picked up. Please bring a photo ID to pick up your package and ensure that all packages are properly addressed.

  • +What is the best way to get to class?

    Edgewood Commons is on campus and offers a walking path that connects Edgewood Commons to the center of campus. This path takes you through the scenic Frostburg State University Arboretum. Most destinations on campus are a 7 to 10 minute walk from Edgewood Commons, and the trip is even faster on a bike or skateboard!

    Additionally, Frostburg State University offers a free shuttle service which stops at Edgewood Commons every 15 minutes from 7:00am to 3:00pm, while most classes are in session, and every hour from 2:30pm to 10:30pm. Both shuttle routes stop at five different locations on campus. The hourly shuttle also has stops in Frostburg and Lavale, including stops at Food Lion, Walmart, and the Country Club Mall. The shuttle is very popular on rainy or snowy days.

    Students are also welcome to bring a car to Edgewood Commons. Parking permits at Edgewood Commons are free to our residents, and students can buy parking permits for other lots on campus for $40/year.

  • +What if I don’t get along with some or all of my roommates in my apartment?

    Our Edgewood Residence Life Staff is here to help!  At the start of each semester the RA staff will complete a roommate contract with the apartment to help with communication and living together.   First, we will conduct a roommate mediation, in which the Resident Assistant will facilitate an open and honest discussion about any issues and help the students involved come up with strategies for eliminating such issues in the future, the roommate contract will be revisited at this time to see if adjustments need to be made.  If further assistance is needed, a professional staff member will meet with the students. If any issues still remain, students may request a room change to another available space.

  • +May I have guests in my apartment?

    You may have guests in your apartment as long as the following conditions are met:

    1. You discuss your guest’s stay with your roommates and they approve the stay.
    2. Overnight guests may not stay in your apartment more than 3 nights consecutively.
    3. Overnight guests may not stay in your apartment more than 10 nights per semester.

    *Subject to changes and modifications to align with university COVID protocols and procedures
  • +Should I bring a vacuum, broom, or other cleaning supplies?

    Yes, please bring all cleaning supplies for your apartment. You can also talk to your roommates prior to move in to determine if everyone will bring their own supplies or if you will coordinate the purchase of these items.

  • +Are pets allowed?

    Approved service animals, emotional support animals, and non-carnivorous fish in tanks no larger than 10 gallons are permitted. All other pets are prohibited.

  • +What type of safety features are provided at Edgewood Commons?

    Edgewood Commons offers several features designed to increase the safety of our residents:

    • Edgewood Commons is a fully sprinklered building and has smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in each apartment.
    • Access to Edgewood Commons and each apartment is by FSU ID card only.
    • Access to each bedroom is controlled by a deadbolt lock.
    • Edgewood Commons’ exterior doors and interior hallways are covered by a video camera system.
    •  Edgewood Commons parking lots are covered by video camera systems.
    •  Edgewood Commons is well-lit, inside and out. We use LED lightbulbs and automatic lights to turn on and off at sunset and sunrise.
    • University police patrol Edgewood Commons regularly.
    • Edgewood Commons staff perform monthly health and safety checks of each apartment.
    •  The student staff on duty phone number is posted throughout the building.

    The student and professional staff of Edgewood Commons also monitor the community through nightly walks through the building and through 24-7 emergency response.

    Despite all these measures, safety is the responsibility of each resident. Residents are strongly encouraged to keep their doors closed and locked, to refrain from allowing access to the building to people they do not know, to walk with a buddy at night or use the Safe Ride program.

  • +What type of furniture is provided in my apartment?

    Your bedroom comes furnished with an extra-long twin size bed and mattress, two stackable dressers (perfect for storing under your bed or stacking together), an oversized desk with built-in desk lamp, a desk chair, and a bedside table. The living and dining rooms are furnished with a full sized couch and an upholstered chair, a coffee table, an entertainment center, two end tables, a dining table, and four dining chairs.

  • +What type of appliances are provided in my apartment?

    Edgewood Commons offers real kitchens with a full sized refrigerator, a microwave, a stove, a garbage disposal, and a dishwasher! Each apartment also has its own washer and dryer, so you will never need to hang out in a laundry room waiting for a machine to become available or for your load to finish.

  • +Can I bring extra furniture?

    The apartments are very well-furnished and additional furniture is not really needed. No furniture can be removed from the apartments.

  • +I would like to buy curtains, sheets, and a TV; what sizes should I buy?

    All Edgewood Commons apartments include mini-blinds as window coverings, so curtains are not needed. However, if you would like to purchase curtains, we recommend that you use a tension rod to mount them as that will limit the amount of damage to the walls.  The window measurements in each apartment are as follows:

    •  Living room: 97 inches wide by 58 inches high. Some are bay windows, others are not.
    •  Bedroom: 55 inches wide by 50 inches high

    You should buy twin extra-long sheets for your bed. These are generally available in stores during “back to school season.”

    The entertainment center is the living room will hold a television with dimensions smaller than 33″ wide, 35” high and 22″ deep. However, if you would like a larger television, you could use the coffee table as a TV stand for a larger TV and use your entertainment center to provide extra storage in the dining area.

  • +Will my housing contract fee go on my university bill?

    While Edgewood Commons is one of your on campus housing options at Frostburg State University, Edgewood Commons runs on its own billing system, so your housing contract fee will not appear on your university bill. You have several options for making payments of your contract fee installments:

    1) Payments made by personal check, money order, or cashier’s check can be mailed to our office at:

    Edgewood Commons Apartments

    Attn: Accounts Payable

    One University Drive

    Frostburg, MD 21532

    2) Payments can be made in person by personal check, money order, cashier’s check, bank draft, or credit card during the hours of Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm. Personal checks, money orders and cashier’s checks may also be dropped off after hours by placing them in the “Contract Fee Drop Slot.” The slot is located under the window on the side of the front desk area.

    3) Payments can be made online via the Resident Portal by bank draft, Visa, or Mastercard.

  • +What happens if I am late with a payment?

    If your housing fees are not received by the end of the business day on the 3rd day after your payment is due a 5% late fee will be assessed on the amount that is past due.

  • +Are there any other costs associated with living on campus?

    There is a $50 activity fee at the start of each semester. This fee helps to cover the cost of Hall Council events as well as games, movies, new computer equipment, gym equipment and other ammenities, and many other items that are available for our residents to check out from the front desk.

    Parking at Edgewood Commons is free to residents. Parking passes for other lots on campus may be purchased for $40 per year.

    If you choose to sign up for an installment  plan, a 1% finance fee will be charged to your account.

    Meal plans are optional for Edgewood Commons residents, but meal plans and/or groceries are other items for which you may wish to budget.

    All other housing related expenses are included in your housing fee at Edgewood Commons! There are no additional fees for cable TV service, Showtime, high speed internet service, electricity, gas, water, sewer, or laundry.

  • +Will I receive payment reminders?

    Edgewood Commons does not send out regular payment reminders, however, your Edgewood Commons account can be viewed at any time via the Resident Portal.

  • +Can I use my financial aid or student loans to pay for my housing contract fee?

    Yes, you can use financial aid or student loans to pay your housing contract fee.

    Any financial aid or student loan that is in excess of your tuition and fees on your Frostburg State University bill can be transferred directly to Edgewood Commons if you indicated payment plan option D: Financial Aid and/or Student Loan when signing your housing contract. Selecting this option grants the university billing office authorization to use your financial aid or student loan to pay Edgewood Commons Apartments for all or part of your contract fee.

    Please note that only loans and select grant money are eligible for direct transfer.  Scholarships and many grants cannot be transferred directly. Instead, you will receive a refund check for any funds in excess of your tuition and fees on your Frostburg State University account. Once you receive this check, you may cash it and use those funds towards your housing contract fee.

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